“Before setting up his eponymous practice in 2005, technological whizz-kid Tej Chauhan put in several years at Nokia, creating some of the company’s most memorable models. These days, his signature aesthetic has touched everything from kitchen tools and eyewear to televisions and door handles, making one of the most wide-ranging oeuvres around.”


Tej Chauhan is an award winning industrial designer born and based in London. His work spans broad disciplines and is known for a signature style he refers to as Applied Futurismº

He believes that shapes, colours and textures affect the way people feel. What an object looks like will determine whether or not someone forms an emotional connection with it. Based on this philosophy, his approach has proven that when people make an emotional connection with an object or experience, they are more likely to positively engage with it and its brand. 

Chauhan creates differentiation and distinction for brands by fusing their tradition and values with his unique visual point of view through industrial design and UX. His collaborations are proven to connect people to objects and brands, generating widespread media coverage and brand awareness.  

Tej Chauhan combines unique industrial design & UX with brand values and innovative production methods, to deliver compelling products that are efficient to manufacture and drive traffic to brands.

His west London studio is home to a small team of highly experienced creative experts that complement his process with brand expertise, insights and trends.

Chauhan has won numerous awards and two Design Of The Year nominations. His work has appeared in Arena, Elle, Elle Decoration, Esquire, The Evening Standard, The Financial Times, Future Laboratory, GQ, Homes & Gardens, ICON, I.D, i-D, Metro, The New York Times Style Section, The Observer, Shortlist, Stuff, The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times Magazine, Surface, T3, Viewpoint, Vogue & Wallpaper amongst many others.

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