“Before setting up his eponymous practice in 2005, technological whizz-kid Tej Chauhan put in several years at Nokia, creating some of the company’s most memorable models. These days, his signature aesthetic has touched everything from kitchen tools and eyewear to televisions and door handles, making one of the most wide-ranging oeuvres around.”


Tej Chauhan is a British industrial designer with a distinguished career in designing cutting edge consumer technology and homeware. He believes that his role in any creative collaboration is to generate ‘talkability’ for brands.

Chauhan creates differentiation and distinction for brands by combining their traditions and values with his unique visual point of view: fusing the future with the familiar to reimagine the objects that surround us. He calls this approach Applied Futurismº. His collaborations are proven to connect people to objects and brands. 

His west London studio is home to a small team of highly experienced staff that complement his creative process with digital expertise, branding acumen and futures study.

Together they combine hand sketches with highly specialised 3D digital surfacing techniques to create unique, user centric objects that focus on innovation and manufacturing efficiency. Chauhan’s collaborations are proven to connect people to objects and brands, and able to generate broad media coverage and heightened brand awareness.

Chauhan has won numerous awards and two Design Of The Year nominations. His work has appeared in Arena, Elle, Elle Decoration, Esquire, The Evening Standard, The Financial Times, Future Laboratory, GQ, Homes & Gardens, ICON, I.D, i-D, Metro, The New York Times Style Section, The Observer, Shortlist, Stuff, The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times Magazine, Surface, T3, Viewpoint, Vogue & Wallpaper amongst many others.

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